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May 6, 2014 Categories: General Support Questions. Tags: Snapchat. 31 Comments

I have heard that you can change the Snapchat Font Style. If this is true, how does one go about changing the font to something other than the standard Snapchat font style?

I have heard that you can change the Snapchat Font Style.  If this is true, how does one go about changing the font to something other than the standard Snapchat font style?


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Can’t do it. Snapchat fonts are based on what your phone settings are…

There are different fonts based on your device. But you can add filters! Add text like you would to put a caption, and for black and white put “B&w…” Be sure to add the three dots and capitalize the B. Then for a negative effect, add “Negative…” There is also another filter you can use, but it doesn’t work on a lot of apple devices. You type “Sepia…” Hope this helped! Sorry I couldn’t say anything about the fonts…

But I have received snaps where the caption is in a different font! If it helps, the only snaps I’ve seen in different fonts were sent from Android devices, maybe it’s only available for Android?

It only works on androids,
All apple products have the standard font

My friend has a Jailbroken iPhone 4, and his snaps all have a different font when I receive them. I am not Jailbroken, and he has verified he uses a package to change his font.

If this is the reason, then you’ll have to jailbreak or get a funky looking Keyboard…

I have a friend that has the same device as me and there font is different? How come?

People say you can download an app
Hybrid Fonts but how do you paste it??

You can download Hybrid Fonts! Then, you press the top right corner and it wil say “copied to clipboard”. Then go wherever and hold down the screen and select “paste”. I know this works on Apple products… I dont know about Android.

Is there something easier than copying ?!

You can only do it on android devices because they are having a beta they want android users to try out for the new update. But if you jailbreak your iPhone 3, 4, 4s, you can change the font, font color.

Start by writing Sepia… Then it will turn another one is B&w… And the last one is Negative…

You can use hybrid fonts on your iPhone.. How do I know this? I just used it on my iPhone 5.

its the new update on apple, go to settings ON snapchat, you know where the feed is theres a little settings button on there. Then go to additional settings and click it. flick all buttons on then there you go. once you do it send a snap and when you type theres a “T” option that you can do

I can’t find the additional settings button.

You go to settings then manage!!!!! It’s really cool

You just need to go onto your settings on the wheel on snapchat and then tap on manage and turn on the font styles. It’s so simple

If you go onto the bit where u can look at snaps that people have sent you in the top write is a settings button. Press on it and then press on manage then you can choose if you want different text font and different filters. Hope this helps you. Gadget Girl.

So I found the settings wheel, but when I click it the only thing it says is edit name and best friends.. I’m so confused. I just want different fonts. If it helps I’m using an Alcatel scribe! Thanks :)

OK OK OK I found it lol. OK so people still confused. Go to the main snap chat page. Slide the pages to the right until you get to the last one. That is where you can see if the snapchat has been delivered or opened. OK there is a settings wheel at the top right corner. Click it. Then scroll down and click manage. And boom there ya go!!!

You go into your snapchat settings and turn on special text, then when you type your caption on a photo there should be a capital T in the right hand corner, if you press that it will make the writing different. I hope this helps

i have got a android phone but i go onto my setting and see if i can get different fonts and i go onto manage but it only comes up front flash light but i want different fonts how do i do it

I cannot figure out how to do different fonts. I have read some of the comments above and some say you can only do from Android devices-I have a friend who has an IPhone and she sends me different font snaps.

Change the font on your phone settings and it will change in snapchat :-)

okaay so I have a iPhone and I changed my color and don’t a long time ago and now I forgot how to change it back and I really want to change it does anyone know how to change the color and phone on snapchat for an iPhone .?

how do I change the font on my phone setting .?

ON IPHONE: Go to IPHONE SETTINGS, then go to general, then keyboard, then shortcuts, then add shortcuts, get any font app and copy to clipboard, type (for example) snaphi in shortcut and ђเ in phrase and save, now go to snapchat, type snaphi and it will auto correct the word to ђเ !

Yes you can. App is textizer. No jail breaking necessary

Everyone knows how to get the big text but how do u get coloured fonts??? My friend has the exact same phone as me and she gets pink and all these different types of colours!!! Please help

Ask your friend then…

Yeah anon is right about the Textizer app. Only annoying this is copying & pasting all the time, especially with ads always popping up and bothering you. But if you have patience, it’s worth it.

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