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May 22, 2013 Categories: General Support Questions. Tags: Snapchat. 96 Comments

I just recently found out that you can get effects on snapchat and I can't seem to figure it out. I know how to get black and white but are there any other cool effects that anyone can share with me?

I just recently found out that you can get effects on snapchat and I can't seem to figure it out. I know how to get black and white but are there any other cool effects that anyone can share with me?


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Is there any other thing that you can get on a iPhone?
I have got
Black writing
White writing.

Is there anything else?!?! Tell me please xx

How do you get different colour backgrounds?

How does negative work? Because I tried it and it didn’t work.

    it only works on Android!

You dont cant..

How does sepia work please someone tell me I what to know more affects that snapcart can do

    you type in “Sepia…”

is there only a negative & b&w effect on iPad?

There are special apps for fonts like symbolizer or coolfonts then you can just paste it into the line

Lauren and madi you have to do the”…”after Negative and B&w. Remember you have to have them uppercase like in the examples I just showed

how do i paste the fonts onto my snapchat?

I tried but nothing works?

Sepia only works on android

Is there a Thermal Camera effect?

It’s possible some effects doesn’t work. But I have an iPhone and ‘black&white, sepia and negative’ works all for me! Someone told me that masks and other things like sunglasses or anything are also possible. Does anyone know how? I apologize for my english btw. Im just a dutch student youknow ;)

I’m on an apple device and my sepia works perfectly fine :L

I have an apple iPod touch and all three work for me

Same for me all three work

The “s” has to be lowercase

Take a picture
• tap the screen
• type B&w…
•type Sepia…
• Type Negative…
• all have a capital letter in the beginning of the word . These are all effect on snapchat .

Sepia… Works on the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy

I have iPhone myself and I can confirm that B&w… works, Sepia… WORKS and Negative…. works! Just update the Snapchatt app in app store!

I have an apple device and sepia… Works – I have an iPhone5? Mabe it only works on newer software! I dunno :/

All of them work on iPhones I know because I have the iphone 5 and it wors

Sepia… works for android users. I just did it.

I have an iPhone 4 with iOS 6 and Sepia… Still works with mine!! Also if you want another snapchat tip you can type in Sopopular… And it will say you have no best friends for a temporary time

Haha sorry for my upper comment ⬆ it was the first time ice commented and I didn’t mean to say it was by my explanation!!!!

How do u do the white writing

Sepia works for me and I have an Apple iPhone

Sepia… Does work by me. I have iPad or on iPod works it to

I’ve seen ppl have big captions in their snaps. Anyone know how?

U can also just swipe from left to right on the screen until u get to the effects and when u do that, there is sepia. Hope this helped!

To sher, after u take a pic, in the top right hand corner, there is a capital T, click on it and u can create bigger fonts

Sepia worked for me

For iPhones just slide you’re finger across the pic and the effects come automatically don’t type anything just take the pic then swipe for effects

I can’t seem to get effects on my iPod touch 4th gen can someone help please x

I can’t get if to work on my iPhone 5 tried everything anyone any idea

It doesn’t work for me:(

My doesn’t work either

Or you can just take a picture then swipe your finger to the left on the screen then you can choose on effect. Much easier :)

Mine is updated I’ve tapped npon the picture and typed “B&w…” Whith out the quotes and nothing takes effect.. I’m using an Ipad..

I have an ipad and did everything correctly and everyone’s suggestion.. It’s even updated and yet I can’t get it to do it..

None of them work for me? And I have an iPhone 4S?

Basically I did all of them and none work? And I have a iPhone5s ? help me

To actually get the effects on iPhone you have to let snapchat know you location and then you just swipe left

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