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January 19, 2013 Categories: General Support Questions. Tags: Snapchat. 8 Comments

Can someone give me the step by step instructions for blocking someone on Snapchat?  Thanks!


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To block someone on Snapchat tap the Menu icon, select “My Friends,” find the name in the list and swipe right across their name. Next, choose “Edit” and then “Block.”

I have an android so its different then the apple version. how do you blocks someone on snapchat with an android? I need step by step instructions please. Explain well please.

Hold your finger down on the name of the person you wish to block and a menu will pop up after a few seconds. You can block, delete, report, or black and delete them if you want to.

The newest update makes this impossible. Swiping the name now slides the screen to the next menu. So how can I block people now?


Just go to your friends than on the person you wish to block just hold you finger down then it will show you there bestfriends than in the top right corner there’s a settings symbol hit that and it will give you options than hit block

So I just had this same problem.

Go to your friends list. For me, holding down on them did nothing. Also, this wouldn’t work if they had an open storyboard, as it will just load it.

However, A quick tap on the person will expand them. There will be a settings symbol (cog). Click that and you can block from there

I have a iPad so how do I REPORT somebody on snapchat ?

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