How can I reset my Snapchat password?

79 thoughts on “How can I reset my Snapchat password?

  1. Anonymous

    I forgot my password too and if I want to log in with a wrong password it only says “sorry, thuis is a wrong password.” Please help me!!!

  2. Anonymous

    I’m not sure if that was the right email address I have way to many email addresses now because of my new phone if u can please send it to my phone thanks you guys!

  3. hi

    Help me please there is no reset button or a hint button in not to sure if my email is right please send it to my phone if u can somehow

  4. Anonymous

    My password won’t let me get in but every time I went to reset it it says aww no cookies? Please,enable cookies to access this feature what is cookies

  5. Anonymous

    Hi I really need help I have been sending snapchat emails for 3 now no reply. When I signed up for snapchat I used my sister email address to sign up for snapchat so did she !! And I forgot my password and click ed the reset button but comes up with my sisters snapchat username I just find out that 2 people can’t use the same email address so what do I do some one help please !!!

  6. Kate C.

    I got snapchat and it was great. Then the next day i woke up and had notifications. So everytime i clicked a snap it would say loading then i cleared my snapchats and the next day it had logged me out and now everytime i try to login. . It says ” 403 try again ” or ” 403 okay ” ?? what does this mean??

  7. Sabrina Toto

    I know my username and password for snapchat but it won’t let me log back in and there’s not an option for a forgotten password or an email to be sent…what can I do?

  8. Anonymous

    I Log Out Of My Snapchat And Forgot My Password!! And When It Says Reset Password It Says It Cannot Find That Email With Snapchat So What Do I Do? Does This Mean I Can’t Log In Anymore?

  9. Anonymous

    Hi my friend logged into my snap chat with her email now I can’t get back in into my snapchat forgot password only have my username and I have tried many time I don’t want to loose my stuff can you please help me

  10. Anonymous

    so i downloaded ‘snap upload’ and it locked me out my snapchat. i have told it to send an email to me to reset it and it says it has but it hasnt. im getting kinda frustrated with it now. help! what do i do?

  11. Anonymous

    To change ur password, go to ur feed and click the button in the top right corner then click on support and then it gives an option to change password, click this and follow the steps ;)

  12. Christina

    Hi, I have also forgot my password and do not know my email associated with my account. What should I do? Please help!(:

  13. naomi

    I press reset and it not supported then i tried again and then it says it has been moved help!!!!!!!

  14. Guppylove12

    My email is not working and I just want to know my own password and get into my snapchat account

  15. nunya business

    I forgot my password and it only says reset password or try again i always do both and nothing happens OMG i wanna get back on dang


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